An unprecedented growth of communication technology and channels makes journalism and mass communication one of the best and most lucrative courses in India today. The explosion of digital media in the country has led to mass communication emerging as one of the most lucrative career options in the country offering a plethora of job opportunities. The rapid rise of Internet and other means of communication has revolutionised the definition as well as scope of mass communication.  Mass communication as a discipline and a field of study was always popular among students but it is only in recent years that it has been garnering maximum attention from all quarters with spotlights firms focussed on it.

What makes mass communication so popular in recent times?

Mass communication industry has been witnessing a drastic surge in recent times. This upward swing is likely to intensify in coming years as how we view, comprehend, consume and decipher information becomes more pronounced with economic liberalization, rapid rate of globalisation and implosion of internet enabled smart phones and other hand held devices. However, it would be wrong to assume that Mass Communication as a recent phenomenon. Mass communication has always an integral part of the society playing a major role shaping its policies and norms; however in recent times it has witnessed an unexpected surge in its popularity and prominence primarily owing to the arrival of satellite television.

Until the advent of TV, media meant newspapers and magazines, and journalism was a public service calling.

Opening up of the country borders post economic liberalization and the augmentation in peoples’ spending power as it results has comprehensively broaden the concept and horizon of mass media to a significant extent. The growth internet and the opportunities it spawns along with rise and growth of new media like cable television, FM stations, 24×7 news channels, etc has created new possibilities and opportunities of career advancement in this highly exciting and dynamic sector.

There is a common perception that mass communication is all about journalism, which in fact, fails to do justice to the ample range and scope of mass communication. It is an immensely diversified field and to limit it to mere journalism would be a grave injustice to this discipline.

If you are interested in mass communication admission in Gwalior, it is important that you carry out some prior research to ascertain the quality of the institute. It is important as not all institutes have the requisite infrastructure and academic environment that helps in developing job ready graduates.  Top institutes offer top quality mass communication courses in Gwalior which can fast track your career. Their curriculum is a judicious mix of theory and practical which will help you develop a deep insight into the workings of the mass communication industry.

After obtaining a degree or a diploma in this discipline, you can work in print journalism, electronic journalism, public relations, advertising, film industry, copywriting, etc. A graduate degree or diploma in mass communication is a step in the right direction though you can also opt for post-graduation in order to enhance your career prospects.