Do you want to learn secrets of a successful performance at the seminar? We will discuss several fundamental rules in this article.

Successful Performance at the Seminar

Any public speaking is an extremely responsible event, whether it is just a report at a seminar or speaking at a conference of several colleges.

In fact, in order to successfully speak at a seminar, it is important to consider several aspects. The most important one is preliminary training. Preparation is almost 100% of your success at a performance. All great speakers and just famous figures (politicians, businessmen) spent hours polishing their speeches in front of a mirror or something or somebody else for their performance to be perfect. However, you will not be able to practice well if you have many university assignments. That is why is ready to help you and complete your task for you.

After all, think, what is a performance at the seminar? This is a kind of result, an exam, a lookout. Here you give people the product of your painstaking domestic work. It will be very insulting to fail at the most crucial moment and, therefore, not to tell listeners about your activities. That is why these same politicians and orators perfect the art of public speaking all their lives. Read any book dedicated to success. Surely you will find a whole chapter devoted to public speaking.

By the way, for example, the famous American lawyer and concurrently US President Abraham Lincoln could generally walk from the office to the office where his colleagues worked and rehearse his performance aloud. It goes without saying that he rehearsed in front of the mirror as well. Another interesting fact about Lincoln – do you remember that he always walked with a cylinder hat on his head? It was exactly where he keeps many of his valuable things, including speeches in black and white.

If even famous people give so much attention to rehearsals before the performance, then what else to say – rehearse, friends! However, we will return to the performance at the seminar. In order for you to have a clear picture of how to properly prepare for the performance and generally know, what is usually spoken at seminars, we have prepared a step-by-step instruction specifically for you, which details each step that needs to be overcome in order to successfully speak at the seminar.

How to Successfully Speak at the Seminar?

  1. Do not hesitate to do the basic work.

As we have already said, speaking at the seminar is a kind of your report to the audience about the work you have done. However, the very preparation for the performance is the same work that is based on the main work. In this regard, never leave preparation for the performance at the seminar on the last day in view of the late completion of the work on the basic text.

Always try to do your main work in advance in order to compose a text to protect your report on the basis of this work.

  1. Create a speech based on your main work.

After you write your work, you need to create a resume of it on the basis of this work. How to do it? First of all, you need to ask organizers of the seminar, how long speeches will last. This, as you understand, is critically important because you need to know exactly, how many pages to write.

If you still cannot find out this information, then try to write a speech closer to two pages, than to three, because it is always easier to say less than to cut down the text in the course of the speech. You will still be told at the very performance, how long your report should last.

Always write your speech. Do not rely on your memory. Even if you have a phenomenal memory, still write a speech for the seminar, at least as an insurance. In general, successful people (and speakers in particular) like to be reinsured. This is due to the fact that it is the successful people, who are most at risk because of what they are successful. And reinsurance is a kind of defensive reaction to the raging reality.

  1. Rehearse for at least 2-3 hours.

Rehearsals, trainings – that is the real secret of success in any business. It is better if you rehearse in front of your relatives or friends. Even with close people, you will experience a certain excitement, which is usually experienced by any person performing in public. And it is very good for you. The more you rehearse in this way, the more chances you have to successfully perform under present conditions.

If you for some reason do not find people to train, then just stand in front of the mirror and rehearse. A lot of successful people rehearse this way. Watch any film – people often talk to themselves there, i.e. with their reflections in the mirror.

  1. Dress a little better than your audience.

The lecturer at the seminar should stand out from the bulk of the audience. How to do it? The easiest and right way to separate yourself from the crowd is to dress up a little better than the rest of the people.

If you dress too                bright, all the attention of listeners will be focused on your clothes, not on the performance itself. If you dress is worse than clothes of the bulk of people, then many will think that you do not respect them. Of course, they will not tell you this out loud, however, everyone will think about it and, accordingly, they will treat your performance properly – they will simply not listen to what you are saying.

  1. Make a presentation to your speech.

It is known that not more than 20% of people perceive by ear. And what about the rest? The rest will simply not participate in your speech because they will not be able to grasp its essence.

In this regard, we recommend, if possible, to make presentations to all speeches, either a seminar or some other public event. The presentation always gives you a big plus in terms of people’s perception of you. Many of the audience may forget your name, but they are unlikely to forget your presentation if it is really interesting and exciting.

As you can see, the most important thing is preparation. Follow these tips and your speech will pass immaculately.