Have you just graduated from High School and are college bound in the fall? Congratulations to you!  This is not only an exciting time, but one filled with anticipation and quite likely some anxiety. Lots of changes are unfolding. You’ve no doubt worked hard to get where you are and had a strong support system along the way. Follow these recommendations from the college admissions counselors to ensure your freshman year is a success.

College is a time of exploration.  You’re about to have the privilege of four years engaged in higher learning and adventures that many would envy. Take advantage of this time. Even if you’ve steadfastly declared your major, take courses and join clubs that are out of your comfort zone.  College is also an opportunity to learn time management skills and a balance between studying and socializing.  The first week of classes, commit to meeting each of your professors during their office hours. Should you run into difficulties in their classes, you’ll be thankful that you’ve already established a relationship with them prior to seeking additional assistance. Much like in high school, your friends are a reflection of you. Choose wisely. Follow your gut and stick to the principles you brought with you to campus. Temptations abound.  That said, be open to students from different backgrounds and cultures. Half of learning in college happens in the classroom, the other half happens while engaging in campus activities.

Stay in contact with your family and support system. They’re anxious to hear from you and continue to provide support and encouragement. You’ll be more grounded and centered by connecting each week. You’ll also be able to share all the incredible experiences and challenges as they unfold.

Finally, start packing!  From bedding, electronics and clothing, the pile will continue to grow throughout the summer. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on shampoo and body wash from the huge selection available at Ulta Beauty for the semester. Connect with your soon to be roommate and work out who will bring the fridge, carpet, etc.  Dorm rooms are too small to have duplicates. Best of luck to you on your new adventure!