Maria Curie did not have an opportunity to study in Warsaw only because she was a woman. This article is about feminism and education.

What Impact Does the Feminism Have on Education?

Feminism is the movement, which has changed all the aspects of our lives. However, what is the most important – it fights for equal opportunities for men and women in all spheres of life. One of such spheres is the academic learning. We all remember the story of the famous scientist Maria Curie, for whom studying in her homeland Poland was forbidden only because of her gender. Sadly, such things according to the history used to happen often towards women. Nowadays situation has changed for the better and of course, now women have an opportunity to study whenever they want and in all fields.

The Women-Dominated Fields

However, even though feminism fights for the equal opportunities for both genders, when it comes to studying, there are some fields in learning where women traditionally get the better results. It happens because the society pressures women that they are actually better only in these fields, while in reality, they can be good enough in whatever they want. Humanities is one of those fields where women actually get the better results on exams and tests, it’s believed that happens for the reason women are more emotional than men and they are just better in everything, which has the connection to the spiritual things. At the same time, boys at school tend to be better in everything connected with the mathematics and physics and all exact sciences. Although all these stereotypes put a pressure on both genders (though women can be good in math and men can be good in literature), the society believes that there are specific roles and beliefs and we need to obligate them. In the modern schools without sex segregation, boys and girls study together and have the equal opportunities to study whatever they want and have passion to.

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Gender and Learning

The statistic shows that women are better at learning and are more organized when it comes to school or university studying. For this reason, there is no question why the most scientists are men and why most of the schoolteachers are women. Men dominate in all spheres and the academic one is not an exception. Feminism fights for the equal opportunities for women and men in academic researches and everything related to this, and of course, it has done huge steps forward. Nowadays, both men and women can be professors in the universities while in the previous century it used to be something extraordinary. Although, when it comes to the schoolteachers, most of them are women only because it is believed that women have the better knowledge of how to communicate with kids.

In addition, academic sphere and the sphere of learning have changed a lot and now give the opportunities for both men and women, and this happens only due to the feminism and its revolutionary effect towards all spheres of life.