The National Eligibility Entrance Test or NEET is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) every as a prerequisite for admissions in all the medical colleges in India (except AIIMS). The exam is taken by numerous medical aspirants and is considered as one of the most competitive exams in the country.

NEET 2018 exam is scheduled for 6th May, 2018. So, it is extremely important for the NEET applicants to prepare properly to be able to score well and join any of the top medical colleges in India. To help the medical aspirants score well in NEET 2018, some of the preparation tips are given below.

  • Self-analysis

NEET candidates need to know the syllabus topics and then analyze their knowledge level properly. This can help to self-analyze and strategize a proper preparation plan accordingly. For analysis, one can take a mock test and then analyze the current preparation level.

  • Practice

NEET includes several numerical questions from Biology, physics and chemistry. Generally, most of the questions in physics are numerical based. Biology and chemistry also include several diagrams and reactions. So, it is extremely important to practice different variations of questions from each chapter to be able to tackle the NEET questions.

  • NEET Question and Sample Papers

To know the exam better, it is always suggested solve several sample papers and previous year questions papers. This also gives an idea about the difficulty of questions. For NEET 2018, one must practice NEET 2016 question paper and NEET 2017 question paper thoroughly.

  • Periodic Revision

As the subjects of biology, physics and chemistry include numerous formulae, terms, diagrams and complicated concepts, it is extremely important to revise the topics periodically to be able to retain concepts for longer. So, revise the topics periodically and it is also suggested to make notes of important points for quick revision.

  • Mock Tests

Mock tests play a major role in NEET preparation. By taking mock tests and analyzing them properly, it can help in self-analysis. Mock tests can also help to get completely acquainted with the actual exam scenario which can help to devise personal test-taking and time management strategies.

These were a few tips that can help the NEET applicants to prepare more effectively for the exam and secure a good score. NEET is considered to be the most important exam for medical aspirants and candidates need to be dedicated to be able to ace it easily.

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