The education in the UK is one of the best in the whole world. For this reason, knowing its history is quite essential.

History of the Education in the UK

Today the UK is a highly developed country, and its educational system is considered one of the most prestigious and best in the world. Annually thousands of students from different countries come to British universities. The number of them is growing every year. There are numerous reasons for this: firstly, diplomas and certificates received in the UK are recognized throughout the world. Secondly, studying in England is a great opportunity to improve your English language skills, especially the spoken language, which is very important for building a future career in any branch of international business. And thirdly, in our time it is considered very prestigious to have an education received abroad, and especially in England. But why? Why is it considered so prestigious? And why so many young people now want to get the education in this country, and not in our country, for example? To answer all these questions, we conducted a scientific study.

A Short History of the Education

The history of public education in the UK can be traced from the time of settling of England by the Anglo-Saxons and even earlier. In the Middle Ages, schools were opened to teach Latin grammar, while the main way of mastering practical skills was the apprenticeship in apprentices. Two universities were opened: in Oxford and in Cambridge. During the reign of Edward VI, a system of free grammar schools was created. Essay on this can be written for you on

A Modern History of the Schools

Until the beginning of the XIX century, most schools in the country worked under the Church of England (Anglican Church), but in the second half of the XIX century a system of compulsory free primary secular education was created. The sphere of higher and special education also developed; in the capital,there were opened two institutions that now are the University of London – the University College of London and the King’s College. Also at the beginning of the XIX century, the Durham University was founded. In addition, at the end of the century, the so-called “Red Brick Universities” (English redbrick university) were opened in the large cities – educational institutions where applied or engineering disciplines were studied. This is the University of Brescia, Liverpool University, and the Victorian Institute in Manchester, the University of Lida and Sheffield University.

A Modern System of the Education

The Education Act of 1944 created a three-link system of educational institutions, which included literacy schools (grammar schools), secondary general and secondary technical schools. Only in 1972 the bar of the minimum age, before which you cannot leave the school, was raised to 16 years.

In conclusion, the educational system in the UK is one of the best in the whole world for the reason it gives students an opportunity to develop their skills and to study something they actually like.