Developing a new markup vocabulary.


Common Reuse Markup Langauge, or even GRML, is really a markup vocabulary for browsers. It has got the data definition options that come with character-delimited documents and XML, using the hyperlinking as well as form assistance of HTML.

The objective of this article would be to show the reason why GRML is available and exactly how it matches HTML, XML, RSS OR ATOM, and character-delimited platforms.


GRML isn’t caused by a particular plan. It had been developed like a solution to a different problem, namely reusing data from the web support. It began using the development of the web front-end in order to request content from the few internet services. A information format was required to handle reactions. Having data in certain arbitrary structure was as well limiting. Some thing formal had been needed.

HTML as well as XML had been considered, however they did less than fit the actual front-end becoming developed. There must be another option, one along with…

support with regard to multiple sights (the actual front-end used a listing control which has 4);

a method to define several sets associated with data with regard to multidimensional sights;

content which translates to/from additional formats; as well as

a distinction between your display from the form as well as view.

Since there is no structure that met all of the requirements, the front-end would need some thing new. While using front-end, it had been possible to build up a structure and test drive it for these types of requirements. Quite simply, the front-end existed prior to the markup vocabulary!

The structure that lead was GRML. It had been designed to make use of forms as well as views, facilitates multiple as well as multidimensional sights, works along with existing internet servers, as well as adapts in order to other platforms. Once the actual markup vocabulary was completed, the internet front-end grew to become a internet browser.

Now how the objective with regard to GRML may be explained, the next thing is to realize, in fine detail, why current formats weren’t chosen.

Knowing Markup ‘languages’.

Before dealing with the procedure for understanding the reason why GRML is essential, the current formats have to be introduced as well as their style goals recognized. The formats are thought from the data dealing with perspective, therefore no dialogue of video games, movies, songs, advertising, as well as entertainment tend to be mentioned.

For that purposes of making a markup vocabulary, the 2 major functions for browsing webpages are the shape and look at. A type contains any kind of input manage for person requests. The view shows content, or data on the internet page with no markup labels or format elements.

Given the necessity of the shape and look at, it can be done to evaluate each structure.

HTML may be the most common format on the internet. It is made for data show. There is actually form as well as view assistance.

XML is really a minor format on the internet. It is made for data description. It does not have form as well as view assistance.

RSS is really a minor format on the internet. It is made for data description. It does not have form assistance but includes a view.

CSV or even character-delimited platforms are hardly ever used on the internet. It is made for data description. It does not have form assistance but includes a view.

Since each format may be introduced, you’ll be able to understand the area for GRML on the internet.

Let’s start with…


There is actually only 1 markup vocabulary in common use on the internet (quite simply, 99% of web pages make use of this language), and that’s HyperText Markup Vocabulary, or HTML. HTML explains how information is shown. It tells the net browser the way the web web page looks within the web internet browser view. Along with HTML, all content material is displayed within the view, such as forms, textual content, and pictures. HTML decides how you can display the net page.

Web site content, utilizing HTML, is defined just for images as well as hyperlinks. Text content isn’t defined, which makes it incompatible to make use of in additional formats. Consequently, adapting HTML content material to additional formats may be the most limited of formats regarded as.

The solitary view strategy of HTML helps prevent dynamically switching this content in the actual view. There isn’t any way to provide related models of HTML content material (at the. g. 2 various pages from the message panel, or four different webpages of information headlines, or even 8 various pages associated with auction outcomes, etc. )#) within the view without having loading various pages as well as navigating in between them. Therefore, HTML doesn’t support multidimensional sights.

Because HTML decides the net page show, it helps prevent multiple sights of content material. HTML doesn’t support multidimensional views and it is not simple to adapt in order to other platforms. Also, it combines the shape and view in a single display. Therefore, it turned out to be an insufficient choice.

Following is…


XML, or even eXtensible Markup Vocabulary, is created for adaptability. Directories, spreadsheets, CSV, or character-delimited files are potentially in a position to format their own data utilizing XML. This defines exactly what data is actually, rather compared to how it’s displayed. This particular makes XML flexible to additional file platforms.

There isn’t any one XML record format. It’s a standard with regard to defining how you can structure information. This insufficient a particular data structure prevents XML through defining any kind of view associated with its content material. It also doesn’t define enter controls for use within a type.

A insufficient view assistance in XML helps prevent multiple AS WELL AS multidimensional sights. Without type support, a user can’t send demands. While XML is actually adaptable in order to other platforms, it isn’t an sufficient choice.

To date, HTML as well as XML possess proven inadequate. The alongside consider is actually…


RSS OR ATOM, or Truly Simple Syndication, is really a specific information format of the XML information structure. Consequently, RSS has the capacity to support the view associated with its information. Also, since it is dependant on XML, it identifies its data instead of how it’s displayed. View assistance with information definition implies that RSS facilitates multiple sights of it’s content.

Being an XML structure, RSS does not have any type support. Input controls don’t exist utilizing XML, therefore are lacking from RSS OR ATOM. For this particular reason, it’s not sufficient.

Just one format continues to be, and it’s…

CSV or even character-delimited.

CSV (comma divided values) or even character-delimited formats are utilized by directories, spreadsheets, and several other data-oriented programs to shop information in order to file. It’s a format that’s adaptable in order to other platforms because it doesn’t use any kind of display labels. The structure consists nearly entirely associated with content, aside from the character employed for the delimiter.

This format includes a view since it is nearly entirely content material and does not have markup labels. Its concentrate on content means that it’s the the majority of reusable associated with any structure considered. No show tags are utilized, so this supports several views.

The possible lack of data description tags means there isn’t any way to tell apart between models of information. Hence, CSV or even character-delimited files don’t support multidimensional sights. In add-on, it isn’t possible in order to define enter controls for any form. What this means is no type support.

Consequently, this format is definitely an insufficient option. This is the reason why it was essential to create…


GRML defines the shape and look at separately. Input controls for any form tend to be defined individually from content utilized in the look at. Also, content material is described explicitly within GRML, along with text described separately through hyperlinks as well as images. Display tags don’t exist within GRML. The net browser decides how you can display the net page. What this means is support with regard to multiple sights.

Using information definition labels allows GRML to become adaptable in order to other platforms (HTML, XML, RSS OR ATOM, CSV or even character-delimited). Additionally, it enables various sets associated with content to become named, meaning support with regard to multidimensional sights.


After considering all of the available formats for any markup vocabulary, each lacked a minumum of one of the actual listed needs. None met the look goals from the web front-end. Consequently, it had been necessary to produce a new structure, GRML.

Fast Reference.

HTML can be used with multi-form, single-view, 1 dimensional, display-oriented browsers.

GRML can be used with single-form, multi-view, multidimensional, data-oriented browsers.

RSS can be used with absolutely no form, single-view, 1 dimensional, data-oriented browsers.