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5 Tips For Your Introduction In A Research Paper

by Tereso sobo

A good introduction is even more important for a research paper than a good ending. Why? Usually, we need to “sell” it well. That is why the first impression is so important. You do not start reading the work from the abstract, or the ending, that is why the introduction should “sell” and concern the reader.

What is the point about introduction?

The most important function of the introduction is to define the context. The beginning and the rest of the text should not only be connected but also complemented in the meaning by each other.

Here are the top 5 tips for writing an introduction:

  1. The introduction should be written when the main text is ready. As the main part and the preamble should correlate, you need to think carefully about what information should be included in the introduction, even if we deal with it much later.
  2. The introduction should be neither too long nor too short – about 20 percent of the total content.
  3. An introduction may begin with an explanation of the purpose of the work, key term, the problem raised, quote, hypothesis, or question relating to the general topic of the study.
  4. It can also begin with a general observation, like historical, social, or basic background, but only if it is related to the general topic of the work.
  5. You can also start the introduction with specific, astonishing, or shocking information, to immediately draw the reader’s attention to the problem which is studying in the work.

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