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A Guide To Kids Swimming Lessons – 6 Tips For Parents

by Paul watson

Some kids want to learn swimming in Singapore for many reasons. The usual case is when their parents convince them this skill is worth it because of the life-long effects. On the other side of the road, some children find themselves in awe when playing in the water or being with their parents at swimming pools during weekends.

The key to making things easy is doing your part as a parent who wishes to contribute to their learning journeys. Let us explore helpful tips that may work when choosing a programme or maintaining good habits during attendance.


Children as young as six months can start swimming lessons, and introducing children to the water at a young age can help them feel comfortable and confident. However, they might have different reactions, so someone else’s kid might like doing this while yours do not, so take note of that.


Look for a class appropriate for their age and skill level. For example, the kids swimming lessons in Singapore should have the correct range because it determines the effect on them. If not, look for another one because these lessons should be challenging but fun and encouraging.


Talk to your child about what they can expect in the class. Show them images of a swimming pool, give them a small bucket or water to experiment on and play with, and make sure they have a swimsuit that fits well! (Tip: It depends on the facility, so you can ask them for a list of products you need to purchase beforehand.)


Parents can support their child’s learning by attending lessons and participating in the activities while knowing their boundaries. An instance is when you offer a helping hand without doing too much for your child wanting to earn a swimming certificate in Singapore at the end of the journey. In short, let them be while being a supportive figure.


There is nothing wrong with focusing only on the programme because doing things outside the class can be too much work for some people. However, you can encourage your child to practise the skills they learn in class, even if it means just splashing around in the bathtub. Anything helps, so you might want to consider that possibility!


Give your child praise for their efforts and progress because swimming is a difficult skill to learn and may take time. Celebrate their small wins and successes, and when they stumble, help them get up and motivate them to perform better because pointing out their mistakes to shame only brings more harm than good.

In conclusion, swimming lessons are a valuable experience for children that teaches them a life-saving skill and promotes physical fitness. If you are looking for appealing swimming lessons with promising rates in Singapore, visit the website of The Swim Starter and explore their programmes.