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Acing Your MBA Admissions Interview

by Rogers Gislason

Individuals must distinguish themselves today in the workplace. Many companies find they need to downsize to make ends meet following the global pandemic and economic downturn. As a result, they must choose which employees to keep and which to let go. If you find you are in danger of losing your position or simply want to prepare yourself for whatever comes, pursuing a Master in Business Administration remains a great way to set yourself apart from others.

However, getting accepted to an MBA program isn’t easy. Countless individuals wish to follow the same path. Some men and women find they get accepted to several programs, while others struggle to gain acceptance to one. The MBA interview may play a role in this. How can a person ace this interview and ensure their spot in their program of choice?

How Schools Use the MBA Interview

The first question many candidates have revolves around the purpose of the interview. Why do schools request this meeting? Some programs use it to screen potential candidates, and other schools schedule interviews when they have a student they are on the fence about accepting. The potential student needs to look at this as a conversation with the school. When a school offers this opportunity, the candidate should take it, as people come across differently in person. The interview provides the opportunity to address weaknesses and bring the information on the application to life. The interview team learns more about the candidate during this meeting, and the interview can mean the difference between an acceptance letter and a rejection. Click here for Executive MBA & Master Programs in Singapore.

How are Business School Interviews Conducted?

Many business school interviews are casual meetings rather than a formal interview. The interview team simply wants to know more about the candidate and may ask a mix of broad and specific questions. These questions could cover everything from the candidate’s personal history to their career goals. The team conducting the interview is made up of faculty, admissions staff, current students of the program, or alumni, and they report the interview results to the admissions committee.

Preparing for the Interview

Candidates should prepare for their business school interview. To do so, practice talking about achievements and bring proof of these accomplishments to the interview. Expand on the essay submitted with the application and find two or three things you want the interviewer to remember about you. Don’t overdo it with industry jargon, as the interview should also be a way to show how your presence will add value to campus life. Finally, be ready to explain why you applied to the program and what makes it attractive to you.

A successful interview often leads to admission to the MBA program of choice. Candidates need to remain calm and focused throughout the meeting, express themselves clearly and confidently, and develop a rapport with one or more members of the interview team. If you struggle in any of these areas, make use of the services from Personal MBA Coach. Those who do so find they significantly increase their odds of being accepted to the program of choice.