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Activities to Strengthen Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

by Tereso sobo

To support your child’s overall ability with their hands, fingers and arms, they will be encouraged to test their fine motor skills. A lot of activities can improve their skills from a very young age, so there’s no better time to get your child practicing their ways of holding bags, playing games, drawing, colouring and tying their shoelaces. Here are some activities to try that this prep school in Surrey shares.


Using dough or similar handling material will give your child the chance to hold onto many different parts. They can tear apart dough, roll it out into little sausages, pull it apart, make little balls or use objects around the house to make prints into the dough. It’s a versatile activity for kids, and gets a child working with their hands and fingers.

Arts and crafts

Picking up and holding a paintbrush is just one element your child will need to consider when they’re making art. They can also use their hands to paint by making hand prints onto the canvas, and making smaller pieces using fingers. As well as this, children can use crafting supplies and sticking to test their fine motor skills further. They’re exploring many different ways to use their hands in some of their favourite activities.


A number of sports rely on use of your hands to perform better, or to balance something in the right way, or to work on hand-eye coordination. It gives children the chance to try out something new as well. Swimming is a good activity to try as they have to get used to the force found within huge bodies of water and being able to control their hands, and getting stronger through practicing their strokes. Tennis, hockey and cricket all rely on you holding a racket or bat, so your child will need to learn how to hold them properly and have a tight grip on them.