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Can Tarot Card Reading be taken up as a Career Option in this age of the Internet?

by Rogers Gislason

Hello Dear Readers Today we will be exploring the possibilities of starting a career in tarot card Reading which you can pursue once you have successfully completed a Tarot Reading Course. These days professional Tarot reading courses are very readily available both online and offline. They can easily be understood and practised by anyone, be it a professional, a student or a homemaker. But you should choose your course very carefully as what you need to do is a very detailed tarot reading course which clarifies the detailed meanings of all the cards plus give you practical exposure to them enabling you to read the cards and relate to the client. Also you should check whether the course contents include charging, grounding, detailed spreads etc so that you have complete knowledge and practical exposure before you start your venture. There are many short term courses or workshops available on the internet which only provide a basic insight to the student which not only confuses the student but decreases the interest as it creates a lot of confusion and we all know that half knowledge is very dangerous. So it is better to go for a detailed and complete tarot reading course online or offline so that you are confident in predictions and remedies too. Also the guidance of an established mentor is necessary as he/she can give you real life experiences of their own. So choose your course very wisely as your career will depend on that. Once you become confident in predictions with Tarot cards then you have a lot of options open for you to become a successful tarot card reader as today the internet is so easily & readily available to all. You can work online and give predictions from the comfort of your home. This makes it easier for women who are homemakers and always wanted to have a career but were bound by time restrictions and domestic responsibilities. If you are the kind who would not want to risk putting any investments and you wish to do a job then there are many portals hiring tarot card readers for online tarot readings. They pay you good and timings are also very flexible making it possible for everyone to work and manage their domestic lives also.

If you wish to start big then you can invest in a good website and opt for paid promotions that will straight away bring you leads and you can successfully start your practise. Now readers often get confused as to how they should do a tarot reading online without the client sitting in front of them. So here I would like to give some clarity. You should not bother about the client’s presence. Instead follow the basic steps you use for a reading and pick out the cards yourself. What I follow is something like this-First of all have the client’s question in front of you. You should always have the client’s Name and Picture to relate better. Now ground yourself using the techniques you know. Decide what spread you are willing to do and then charge your tarot cards using the same. (I personally use Cho-Ku Rei). Draw out the spread and interpret. You will notice there is no difference in the reading whether you pick out the cards or the client as the universal energies will always give the right guidance if asked with a pure heart. To promote yourself you also have a lot of platforms these days like Facebook, Instagram, linked in etc where you can give a glimpse of what you do and how you help people using Tarot Cards so that people may see what they should expect when they come to you. Just a tip here, always be very true and dedicated to your readings. Do not ever think that any negligence on your part would go unnoticed by the energies around. So be true and start your career in this mystical field of Tarot Card Reading.

All the Best for all your endeavors.

Stay Blessed

Khushboo Shokeen