Home Education Concern for Safety of the Children led to Resentment for Reopening of In-Person Teaching 

Concern for Safety of the Children led to Resentment for Reopening of In-Person Teaching 

by Rogers Gislason

Would you like to see your child wearing masks and face shields to school while adhering to the social distancing norms set up by the states to curb the increase of coronavirus? Would you even like to see your children go to school during the time of the pandemic? A survey conducted by Fishbowl, a professional networking company revealed the thoughts of the teachers about the reopening of schools this fall. 

According to the survey, nearly more than half of the teachers opposed the thought of resuming in-person teaching. The survey conducted by the app brought forth different results from different states. The survey revealed teachers in different states opposing the reopening of in-person teaching. Most teachers in different states thought the decision to reopen schools was jeopardizing the lives of the children. A majority of teachers in different states were willing to teach the children in person, but the majority of these teachers were relatively small. Not all teachers were willing to attend schools during the time of the pandemic. Rest assured the thought of schools reopening during the pandemic could result in maximum resignations in different states. 

There were differences among the teachers regarding the reopening of schools in their respective states. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that teachers were missing the classrooms but were unwilling to send the children in harm’s way. The opposition was more due to their concern for the lives of the children. 

It would be pertinent to mention here that the survey brought forth mixed results from the teachers. Where more than two-thirds of the teachers were opposing the reopening of schools, several teachers agreed to attend schools. Nonetheless, the number of teachers opposing the thought was relatively more to the teachers agreeing for in-person teaching. The results for the survey were different in different states. The majority lies with the teachers opposing the reopening of schools. 

Most teachers across the US disapprove of the thought of reopening of schools. However, they expressed their willingness to teach in-person provided they were in a safe environment. The concern was more for the safety of the children rather than anything else.