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Everything to know about Women Empowerment in India

by Rogers Gislason

Woman community has improved a lot in the Indian society. Women are in a more responsible position in society. These improvements are prevailing in urban areas. The rural part of India still has an unsuited environment for women empowerment. Women empowerment should be established in the rural part of India. Women empowerment is an important factor to implement gender equality. Women empowerment will improve the nation’s economy in a great manner. The woman should be given equal rights when compared to men for the effective administration of government. Women empowerment will give economical freedom to a single woman. The following are the important steps to take to improve women empowerment. 

Eradication of Female infanticide

Some parents do not know the value of the female children they directly kill the female newborn infants. This is called female infanticide. They kill newborn infants through traditional methods. Some clinical doctors are also supporting this female infanticide illegally. The female fetus is found in the scanning and destroyed in that stage itself. The gender-specific scanning is prohibited in some states of India. The government is framing many laws against this female infanticide. The NGOs take all the list of all pregnant women in their locality. Their delivery date is also noted. They also carefully analyze the birth ratio in their area. They also find that there is a decrease in the birth ratio. This project is called the girl child project to increase the birth rate of the female child.

Prevention of child marriage

Child marriage is mostly done to the person with a great age difference. Child marriage involves the dowry system also. The parents of the female child do not take up the responsibility of educating the children. The person who cannot able to succeed in life will do child marriage. The government had framed the strict law against child marriage. The government is forming a team of NGO volunteers. The NGO team will watch the progress of the female children constantly They will actively stop the child marriage effectively from the help of legal proceedings.

Preventing crime against women

There is a lot of domestic crime happening in India. The crime rate against girl child India has increased considerably. The NGO volunteers support the victimized woman. The legal help for this woman is also free. They also give medical assistance to the victims. The empowering the girl child in India will not happen until the crime against the girl child and women should be stopped.

Stopping Girl Child Labor

The girl child labor is the main step in empowerment. The girl child labor is happened due to the financial situations of the family. The government organizing an NGO team that will find child labor and admit them to the school. The financial support also is given to the NGO to the children.

Final Words

Women must be given a progressive space in society. The women have to safely and freely do the work for the economic progress of society. Women empowerment is the perfect solution for gender equality.