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Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

by David Donnal

Being grateful is about being honest, kind towards others, and appreciating all that you have or not taking the things in life for granted. It’s something that gives children the opportunity to learn about what they can take away from what they already have. And they also learn the importance of taking care of what you own, as well as your friendships and relationships around you.

To explore gratitude with your child, you can use these tips from this private school in Ireland that has some ways you can find what it means to be grateful.

Ask your child what they are grateful for

Talk to your child often about what they feel thankful for when they get to do something important or inspiring. They might feel glad that they got to experience something different, like an activity day or a school trip. They may have also been gifted something recently that makes them feel happy or involved in something. There are many things to be thankful for, so you should be able to show to your child how they can make their own impact and learn that many things in their life are important.

Talk often about how thankful you are for things in your life

You can really show how much you appreciate your children and your family around you and still show the beauty of gratitude to your child. Simply modelling gratitude in your regular life will show to your child how they can learn to be grateful for things in their own lives. Children follow the direction of their parents in many forms, so it’s the perfect time to show your child what being grateful means.

Practice problem solving with your child

Being able to solve a problem means your child will learn how to manage something without your direct help, all while being thankful that their parents helped them to manage an issue. This is the best time to role play problems with your child and show them how well they’ve managed the situation.