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Fluency In English Can Have Some Awesome Benefits

by David Donnal

Can you Fale em Inglês fluently? This question is a nightmare for all non-native English speakers, and when you say that you can’t, you can feel those daunting eyes drilling a hole inside you. Yet, English is the essential language within the corporate and commercial world. Indeed, all the social media platforms utilize English as their fundamental language. Moreover, it is known as the language of worldwide communication. 

You can aprende inglês from English learning apps. There are many opportunities for you if you can speak English fluently. For example, you can get better job opportunities, better use the Internet, visit places where English is the most common language, etc.

Why should you use an app for English learning:

  • Increased employment opportunities

Inglês speaking is like a bonus to your resume. It is the language of the corporate world. Therefore, it will benefit you to speak English fluently with your peers and colleagues. In addition, many companies today need an employee who is well-versed in English to communicate efficiently.

  • It enhances your confidence

It is a language that is inevitable and unavoidable. Some people are shy and embarrassed to communicate in English as they think they lack fluency, but if you can make a person understand what you are trying to say efficiently, it raises your confidence.

  • It creates an impression

One might think that it is snobbish, but it is the truth. One who speaks English gets more respect in work and society. This is because they are supposed to be well-mannered, respected, and known to be more knowledgeable in the community. Therefore, we think highly of them.

  • It is the language of the Internet

Almost 565 million people use the Internet every day, and approximately 52% of the most visited web pages are in English. Having a good command of English is an advantage as you have all the information on the Internet in the palms of your hands. But, on the other hand, knowing English opens so many resources of information which would mean nothing if you are not familiar with the language.

  • Communication is easy when travelling

If you want to travel abroad, you need to grasp English, as you will find English speakers everywhere. You can communicate better with the locals. You can efficiently perform tourism-related activities, such as paying for a hotel, ordering a restaurant, etc.

  • It is the business language

Globally it is the most used language in the business world. Most of the communication from top management to workers happens in English. Therefore, the employees must have a good command of the language. Cross-border communication is mainly in English. Most global companies have made English mandatory as their corporate language. 

  • It gives you access to a world of entertainment

You won’t need subtitles or translation to enjoy your favourite movies, TV episodes, or music if you have a decent command of the English language. Instead, it would be best to watch movies and tv shows in English as it is also a superb idea to make your grip on the language more accessible.