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Future Of Virtual Campus Tour

by Sheri gill
Future Of Virtual Campus Tour

Virtual Campus Tours are being used more and more to replace the need for prospective students to physically visit a college campus. Virtual tours allow schools to offer virtual visits without having to worry about people actually showing up. They also give colleges an opportunity to be creative with how they present their campuses, which is not possible in the physical world. This article explores a guide to virtual college campus tours and the future of the same.

What is a virtual campus tour?

A virtual campus tour is a 360-degree, 3D walks through of a college or university. This tour is often highlighted by the addition of 2d panoramas and photos to provide an idea of what it’s like to be on the campus in person, combined with text for navigation instructions. A virtual campus tour can be taken online without leaving home or taken with a dedicated app.

Importance of virtual campus tours?

Many universities and colleges are now offering the option to have online virtual tours of their campuses. Often these are being offered by third-party companies. Google also has an extensive library of virtual college campus tours from different universities and colleges. You can find a list here.

How will the future be different with virtual tours?

The future of virtual campus tours may be hard to predict. In some ways, it will be the same as it is now, but in many ways, it will change drastically. The technology currently being used for virtual campus tours is on the cutting edge of immersive education. It’s not just about seeing a 3D space anymore; we’re now beginning to see and feel what life is like on campus. The future of Virtual Campus Tours maybe even more interactive with students and teachers being able to hold virtual office hours or workshops for online learners. It’s likely that virtual campus tours will become a standard part of the requirement for any university or college admissions. People will wear some type of device on their heads to access the tour (much like a Virtual Reality headset). It’s also possible that virtual campus tours will be shown in movies and TV, akin to how it is now. The one thing we can predict for sure is that people are going to want the most immersive experience of college possible, and virtual campus tours provide just that!

Final thoughts on the future of Virtual Campus Tours

Virtual College Campus Tours will still be around, but they won’t be the same as universities switch to providing virtual reality tours. By this time, most of our social activity will happen online. However, we’ll also see other formats, such as holographic campus tours, where holograms of teachers and fellow students appear in front of you. Virtual reality will likely make it more “real” for you, but holographic tours will add a new dimension to your experience. Either way, the purpose of virtual campus tours is still the same: to give students an idea of what life on campus will be like.