by Paul Petersen

Gel pens are stationery containing ink suspended in gel. It is very similar to the regular ink pens. They are designed in like manner with a barrel that houses the ink well or pipe with a tip and the cap. The ink in gel pens are thicker and more viscous. They are also non-transparent and as a result are more visible on surfaces that are smooth and dark. Unlike the regular ink in ballpoint pens, gel ink is made with water. The pigments are made of iron oxides and copper phthalocyanine.The best gel pens last long when used. These kinds of pens are more likely to be seen with those interested in illustration and designing handwritten text. But anyone would appreciate the beauty of the smoothness of gel inks except those who have suspicious motives.

Since 1984 when gel pens were first introduced in Japan, improvements have been made to the ink. When it was introduced at first, there was a lot of smudging especially for left-handed people and it took a longer time to dry. But today, the smoothness makes writing enjoyable.

Advantages of gel pens

The advantages are quite numerous.

  1. For colouring: both children and adults make use of gel pens to colour.
  2. For smoother writing: they give a smoother and even outlook than their regular ink counterparts so they are great for writing on smooth surfaces which may be difficult to use with regular ballpoint pens.
  • They can add a totally different dimension to your drawing or illustration.
  1. Their tips are smaller and finer.
  2. They are better than paint markers in terms of ease of use.


  1. They could cause unwanted smudges for left-handed people.
  2. Students use them to rebel against teachers
  • They are more prone to drying out faster than regular pens because the gel is water-based.
  1. They run out faster than regular oil-based ink.

So are there products that offer more when it comes to gel pens? How can one get the best gel pens?

Best gel pens to choose from

To get the most out of your gel pen, it’s imperative to get a good product. Below are some of the best products based on use.

  • Pilot G2 Retractable premium: This may be the best all-purpose gel pen. It doesn’t need a cap as it retracts. It is claimed to last twice as long as other gel pens and has 5 different point sizes.
  • Pilot Frixion Clicker Erasable Fine point: this is a favourite for many because any mistake can be erased.
  • Uni-Ball Signo UM 151: when it comes to durability, this is your go-to pen. It works ideally for artists or use in offices.
  • Crayola Signature Detailing gel pens
  • Gelmushta gel pens: if you’re into illustration and drawing, this is your pen. It comes in 120 colours! There are so many styles or this pen, from neon to metallic. One great feature is that it is not toxic and does not contain acids so you can have fun with kids or let them have fun themselves without worrying about safety.
  • Eparon 40-pen gel set
  • Amazapens
  • Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens

Gel pens are for everyone. They would definitely add spice to your writing or whatever purpose you’re getting them for. Ensure you pick the best only to enjoy usage.