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Get to know about the colour pencils 

by David Donnal

Colour pencil is most commonly used by kids but later it has been used by student and artist. Colour pencil takes a part in marking and checking purposes. The shape of the colour pencil is narrow or pigmented core and it is embedded into the cylindrical posture. Colour pencil is covered with wooden encasing material. Camlin colour pencil provides better lightness, durability, softness and it gives uniqueness in sketching.

Students and Artist usage

Wax-based colour pencil is preferred for artist comparatively; light fastness pencil is preferred for students. Because the colour pencil, core composition and the binder ratio vary between artist and student. Before purchasing the colour pencil the factors should be considered are softness or hardness of the colour, cost-efficient, it’s binding capacity, potential of erasing and also colour availability.

Types of colour pencil

Most of the colour pencil varies in their pigmented path with less binder. Even the binder catches the pigment according to the hardness or softness of the lead. The higher quality colour pencil has a greater proposition of pigment within its binder. The material used for making the core is wax base or oil base or gum base so that the binder can tightly hold the pigment. The water-soluble or watercolour pencil is usually known for Gum Arabic colour pencil.

Wax-based colour pencil

Wax-based colour pencil carries a wax binder holds a strong pigment within the core. Our generation people are more common with the usage of wax coloured pencil, these types of pencil are more suitable for an artist. Most of us also are familiar with the hard lead-based colour pencil. But this kind of harder lead pencil is not approached by artists and student they prefer to go with softer lead. These pencils are easier for blending compared with oil base colour pencils.

Feature of Wax colour pencils

Frequently they lay down fewer colour so that it is very are easy to erase. Debris part of the pencil is more than the oil coloured pencil. These colour pencil will not collapse your artwork. When you shift to use another colour it wills not inference with the colour in the drawing. It also gives you a proper look by using wax coloured pencil. Haze graze looks or white shades appear in your artwork known as wax bloom. It is due to the settlement of pigment falls on the paper it can be avoided by wiping it with the paper.

OIL based coloured pencil

In oil base, colour pencil vegetative oil is used for binding the pigment within the core Even though these pencils have a wax content in the core position it provides a higher oil content. These coloured pencil has a sharp lead compared to wax which leads to less breakage. As well as oil colour pencil is not smudged in water. The oil colour pencil can’t blend much easier although it produces debris at the time of drawing and wax bloom doesn’t occur.


By drawing children can develop their creativity and can large their dreams with the help of Camlin colour pencil hence it is cost-inefficient and more appreciable.