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How CAMU can give teachers a more seamless experience

by Paul Petersen

Learning management systems play a very important role in ensuring that academic governance is a seamless experience.  It is software that makes the learning process a breeze with its knowledge–enhancing features and benefits. 

Teachers often face issues in finding a way to engage with students through the learning processes that are in place on online learning platforms. While distance learning has become commonplace in the academic world, finding the right tools and technology to uphold quality education is a challenge. The traditional learning management system is not enough to solve the issues faced by these teachers. 

How Edtech like Camu can help teachers 

If you are looking for the best LMS platforms, an Edtech like Camu is designed to resolve the issues faced by teachers who are imparting education through online learning platforms. 

Given below are some points on how Camu can help teachers –

A central unified space

Camu offers educators a central unified space where all the teaching content, learning resources, assignments, assessments and grading tools can be found in one place. This makes the teacher’s job simpler and quicker. 

A flexible platform

Camu understands that each institution has its own unique system of functioning. Institutions have their own way of educating and assessing students. As such, Camu as a learning management system is designed with flexibility that can adapt and integrate to the institution’s unique structure. Educators can choose from options of complete autonomy, governance or a hybrid approach. 

Content creation

What makes Camu one of the best LMS platforms is that it allows its users to explore their creativity. The teachers can create videos, images and texts to use as their teaching aid. These can be created with minimal effort whether it is for a quiz, a poll, or tests. The students will also have varied options for editing, storing, frame working and mining. 

Enhanced communication

One of the major issues with distance learning or online learning platforms is the difficulty in carrying out effective two-way communication between teachers and students. Camu, as interactive software, creates opportunities for a two-way communication between teachers and students through direct assessment, feedback and interaction. Forums and chat groups increase the chance of an effective communication system. 

QR Attendance marking

Taking attendance of students for each class or activity can become a tedious task for teachers and often leaves room for error. With the QR attendance marking feature at Camu, recording the attendance of the students becomes a simple task. The attendance records are added to the student’s report cards. Through the QR attendance marking system, the attendance of large groups of university and college students can be maintained. This is done through a 2D barcode which can be scanned through imaging tools such as a barcode scanner, third-party mobile app or smartphone camera. The students mark their attendance by scanning the QR code for their online class. The QR attendance marking can also be used for online conferences and seminars. 

Mobile Simplicity 

Being able to access Camu from a smartphone brings additional perks to using the software. Even if the teacher has to be away from his desk, he can access the student’s grades, assessments and performance from anywhere. He can instantly review the students’ works and grade them by accessing the Camu application from his phone. 

Cloud-based platform

The cloud-based platform of Camu makes it easy to store data anytime, anywhere. It is an advantage to both teachers and students as it eliminates the chances of losing assignments and grade points. Through traditional learning systems, there are chances of losing or misplacing a student’s work. However, through a cloud-based platform, all the required data can be uploaded, stored and accessed with ease. 

About Camu 

Camu utilizes unique technology designed to give teachers a seamless experience. It has an inbuilt LMS for academic governance. It manages the student lifecycle end to end and is built for outcome-based education. Camu is an international EdTech product that is utilized in over 420+ institutions across 7 countries. The principles of Camu are, customer delight by providing easy solutions, domain expertise and knowledge and to provide a simple yet powerful design. Camu can be used with minimal or no training while solving major issues faced by educators. Camu values trust, it values self-learning and creating self-dependent teams. It aims to implement a transparent and open-minded approach. The user base of Camu has exceeded the one million mark as of 2020.