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How Colleges are Responding to Sexual Assaults On Campus

by Rogers Gislason

There are many measures you can take to protect yourself personally, but if the worst case scenario should happen, having a lawyer you trust to help you is pivotal.

What You Can do to Protect Yourself

The sad reality of sexul assault is that most cases will go unreported. This makes an already complex issue, even more difficult to take down. Though many oragnizations and colleges around the country are putting their best efforts into prevention and management of sexual assault, the best thing you can do for yourself or your family is to have an institutional sexual assault lawyer in Philadelphia on your side.

How Colleges Are Responding Differently

The most recent data on sexual assault says that up to 1-5 students will be sexually assualted during their college years and most often by people they know. Large organizations, such as the CDC, have stepped into the fight and helped create a resource to make campuses more safe for students. Several colleges have also created campus programs that educate and offer resources and support to students and victims.

Some of the programs include helping students create a plan in case something feels or goes wrong. These plans include having emergency contacts, memorizing phone numbers in case a cell phone dies, never leaving drinks unattended, trusting intuition and discussing safety protocols with friends before going out.

Some campuses have also implemented programs such as Bring in the Bystander or Green Dot that also focus on sexual assault prevention. These newer programs however, call on bystanders to intervene when they see something that is high risk. They involve educating and training volunteers to become more reactive when they see a situation that isn’t right. So far, the results of these programs have shown that when properly trained and educated, people are more willing and likely to safely intervene in a situation that could lead to sexual assault.

What to do if You or Someone You Know Becomes a Victim

It’s difficult for victims of sexual assault to speak up or file charges. Oftentimes, victims feel helpless because they’re missing information, details of the assault, evidence or witnesses. If you or someone you know becomes a victim of sexual assault, first get to safety right away. Next, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800.656.HOPE (4673). Lastly, call an experienced lawyer.

While these tips will help to prevent something bad from occurring, nothing can guarantee safety and sexual assault can still happen. Should something happen, it’s best to have an experienced institutional sexual assault lawyer in Philadelphia help handle your case.