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How Does Online High School Work?

by David Donnal

Advances in technology are making more options available to high school students. One choice that more and more high school students are exploring is attending online high school. In the place of the structure of moving from one physical classroom to the next class, students are earning their high school diplomas after successfully attending and participating in online classes.

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Curriculum Expectations

Classes available online will be similar, if not the same, as those offered to high schoolers who attend a brick-and-mortar school. Students will take classes in the sciences, languages, math, language arts, social sciences, the arts, and electives. As with a traditional program, online high schools will also offer advanced placement or AP classes. Actually, some online high schools can offer more AP classes than a traditional school.

Online high schools follow the same state guidelines for graduation as the local high school. Students are assessed online using tests, projects, and papers. Through the flexibility in scheduling that an online high school can offer, some students are able to meet graduation requirements in fewer than four years. Support staff, who are online, assist students with scheduling their classes and meeting state requirements.

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Skilled teachers facilitate and teach the online high school courses. Sometimes the classes are live or a synchronous class. In these settings, teachers and students are logged into the class session at the same time. There is a high level of interaction between teachers and students and between and among students.

At other times, classes are asynchronistic. Your class still has an actual teacher with whom you can and will interact. However, the teacher will post in the school’s platform the lesson for the day. Sometimes it is accompanied by a video presentation by the teacher.

Another iteration of classes could be hybrid. Teachers will blend synchronous and asynchronous methods together depending upon what they need students to be working on.

Additionally, online high schools usually offer support services for students. Just like a traditional high school, extra help sessions are available for students.

The Classroom Experience

Read more here about the classroom experiences for online high school students. There are expectations that students attend live classes. If students miss class, just like a brick-and-mortar school, the student’s parents or guardians will be contacted following the school’s attendance policies.

Also, during live online classes, students are expected to participate in class. So, it is important to have the right equipment. Students are also required to complete classwork, homework, and projects. Teachers will provide feedback to the students to assist in the learning experience.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Just like a traditional high school, students get to know each other. Many online schools will have orientation programs, so students can meet others and understand how the school operates. Throughout the school year, online schools plan other social events for students. Depending upon the location of the online school and its students, field trips are also part of the curriculum.

Similar to homeschooled students, students attending online schools can participate in their local high school’s sports and extra-curricular clubs.