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How is Studying in the UK Different from India?

by David Donnal

UK to open new graduate route for international students on July 1 |  Education News,The Indian Express

Even though India has world-class education institutes such as IIMs and IITs that can truly compete with the best in the world, we are still lagging in giving better education to undergraduates and postgraduates. 

In comparison to the United Kingdom, it is clear that the Indian educational system is outdated, and this is a fact that we are all aware of. Nonetheless, being a developed country, the United Kingdom has numerous chances.

For undergraduate courses, India outperforms the United Kingdom (in terms of cost only). When it comes to graduate and doctorate studies, the UK has a clear advantage over India. 

The approaches to education in India and the United Kingdom are very different. The Indian educational system has always placed a strong emphasis on academics rather than the holistic development of students. International education, such as that provided in the United Kingdom and other nations, considers a student’s personal growth. 

One of the main reasons is that India’s educational system emphasizes theory over practice. The school system in this country does not allow for creativity, whereas in the UK and other nations, practical learning is prioritized, and innovation is encouraged. In India, education is more of a formality that is completed as part of the daily routine. Whether you learn anything or not, every Indian must have a degree in Management, Engineering, or Medicine.

The Indian school system places far too much emphasis on academic achievement and grades, often to the point of being harmful. And the only way to combat this is to learn by rote. That does not, however, imply that the students have learned everything they need to know. These techniques are only effective for passing a few exams. 

There will be textbook learning in UK education as well, but the teaching methods will be practical. Students are encouraged to conduct a practical study on issues to better comprehend a subject and ask more questions to better grasp particular themes. As a result, they don’t rely solely on their textbooks and, as a result, gain a greater comprehension of any subject.

There are various benefits that you get when you have a degree from the UK, to name a few: 

  • At the world’s best universities in UK for MBA, you receive a high-quality education. 
  • The instructors are professionals who have received industrial training. 
  • You have the right to work during your education, which can help you gain foreign experience while also providing extra revenue to cover petty expenditures. 
  • Degree programs are shorter in duration, such as a Master’s degree that can be finished in a year. 
  • You learn about international students and interact with them, which will help you in your future aspirations. 
  • You have an advantage if you have foreign experience, and a newcomer can even advance to mid-level management and earn more money. 
  • The standard of living is excellent.
  • The entry requirements are minimal, making admission a breeze. 
  • Apart from the advantages above, the visa application process is simple. 
  • Finally, compared to India, the United Kingdom places a strong focus on education, which is world-class. 

Nonetheless, A few Indian schools have also begun to learn from the foreign educational system. While it is not common in state and central board schools, international schools have made significant progress. Education in the UK comes with many benefits that the students can use to the fullest to achieve their goals in life. It will be an experience on its own, and if the student has the resources available, they should definitely choose to study in UK from India.