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How to Become a Fiction Writer – Is it for Everyone

by Paul Petersen

It is often said that not everyone can become a writer. This statement holds water up. Becoming a writer is not rocket science and even rocket science when broken down into small digestible chunks can be understood by pretty much everyone. Technically everyone and anyone who can put words together to make a sensible sentence can become a writer. However, to become a best-selling writer who wins writing competitions and moves tons of sales in written material, that’s a totally different league – actually a totally different game.

Let’s get started slowly

One thing holds true – you cannot become an expert writer overnight. There are some people who have been writing for years but still they struggle with some techniques for writing. The first thing that you need to know about writing is that it is a skill that is developed over periods of time. This is vital knowledge even before you start a career as a writer. It will save you a lot of disappointment.

It also helps to know what type of writer you want to become. Becoming a fiction writer is a world on its own when compared to technical writers. When you are a fiction writer you will have to decide on what type of fiction you want to be writing about. Check out the free writing competitions available online and you will find a lot of the categories are grouped based on the type of writing. There are people writing political fiction, others are on the horror roller coaster, and still others are all about romantic stories. Where is your strength?

Let’s earn some knowledge now

In the same fashion that a technical writer would require experience in the field that they are writing about, a fiction writer will need to be knowledgeable for their story to be believable. You cannot be writing about a political thriller on America and you have no idea how the security protocols work or basically anything about American politics. To be a good writer you must be a better reader. This is how you will amass knowledge and it comes in handy if you want to become a best-selling author or simply win one of those free writing competitions.

Practice constantly

This is where the work begins. Reading and deciding on an area of focus is child’s play compared to the actual writing. You need to write a lot of content and get feedback on it. Submit your work in writing competitions, let other people review it and give you their thoughts on it. Go back and revise your work and create more content. This is how you become a fiction author and yet anyone can do it.