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How to Find the Right University

by Rogers Gislason

You have just finished the school and you are looking to pursue higher education, but you find it difficult to choose the right university, because there are so many options to choose from. Moreover, you cannot really identify which university will suit you most, because the university life and education is entirely different from highschool.

Not just the teaching and examination style will differ, but it will greatly impact your future, i.e. the career prospects, personal development and overall educational and skills’ growth.

Well, you are not alone and most of the students who have just finished highschool find themselves clueless initially, i.e. what should I get my degree in, which university is good for me, what will I do after university and so on . 

Well, the best way in this situation is to compare the universities and better to do it on paper. This article will guide you through a list of items which you can use as the basis of comparison.

Here goes the list:

1- Tuition Fees:

Only a smaller number of students happen to finance their university education on their own while the rest depend on parents. Whatever your case is, make sure to shortlist the universities that are in your budget.

2- Other Costs:

When studying in a university, it’s not just the tuition fees that makes up the total cost, but a lot of other costs are involved including time and money needed to travel to and from university. If you are looking for a university or private hostel arrangement, add those costs too

3- University Culture:

Consider the university culture, including the students’ union and what it can offer you. Explore the details to make sure you can handle the pressure if there’s any.

4- Student Satisfaction Scores:

Make sure to check student satisfaction scores in terms of effectiveness of teaching, university’s role in bringing job/internship opportunities, professional networking events and opportunities, rate of job placement etc.

Based on the above points you can filter some really great universities for you, but that’s not all. You may need to incur some extra effort to make sure you are going to the right university/ 

There are many ways to research which university would suit you best, and here are some of the ways you won’t find difficult.

  • Look for university open days and ask questions to current students and alumni about their experiences. This is the most effective way to get real feedback from real people.
  • Explore university websites and research their social media profiles too. Check what people are talking about them and how the university is presenting itself. Do a quick comparison too.
  • Attend university events open to the public and make contacts, ask for advice and explore the available resources.