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How to get started now to build an instagram following?

by David Donnal

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and ranks high among social networks. Building a following on Instagram helps promote your brand, business, or creative passions. However, gaining those critical first followers is a challenge.

Choose a strong handle and profile

Your Instagram handle and profile are the first things potential followers will see, so making them count is crucial. Pick a handle that’s related to your brand or simply easy to remember. Make sure to fill out your Instagram bio fully utilizing the 150 characters. Share a bit about your brand, business, or interests and what followers expect from your account. Using creative emojis helps your bio stand out too. The imagery on Instagram does the heavy lifting, so ensure your profile picture and highlights covers represent your brand accurately. A profile picture that features your logo or product works better than a random image. Pay attention to visual details supporting branding, like using on-brand filter colors or adding watermarks to photos. Images are key on Instagram, so make those initial visual impressions consistent with your desired brand identity.

Leverage influencer marketing

Many nano-influencers have followings under 10K that closely connect with their niche. Reaching out for an Instagram sponsorship or product mention is an easy way to get introduced to targeted followers. Use relevant hashtags or location tags to find nano-influencers that align with your brand and products. Offer to gift them free products in exchange for posts and be sure to leverage their content. Famoid Followers is important, but engaging those followers is critical to keeping them. Be intentional about fostering engagement with your content from the start. Ask intriguing questions in captions, respond to all comments, run engaging contests or user-generated campaigns, and just interact as much as possible. An engaged small following of real fans provides more value than thousands of ghost followers. So focus engagement efforts on connecting with the followers you do have in meaningful ways.

Post consistently and use strategic tagging

Posting consistently keeps your brand top of mind for existing followers, while also helping expand your discoverability to new followers. Use a social media planning tool to map out content on a regular posting schedule. Maintaining consistency also aids the Instagram algorithm in showing your content to more potential profiles. Additionally, leverage strategic hashtagging to put your content in front of related followers. Using the maximum 30 hashtags, focus on niche tags centered around your product or brand vs generic tags like #Instagram. As you create content and run campaigns, routinely analyze what posts, profiles, and strategies are working best at driving followers. Instagram’s analytics tools provide insight into top-performing content as well as follower demographics. Use these learnings to refine your visual aesthetics and messaging for continued optimization.