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How to Help Your Child with Maths

by Sheri gill

Maths can be hard for some children, and as they grow older it becomes more difficult. Many more methods and maths sums are thrown into the mix and it can make for a more stressful child if they’re unable to compete with the other students. 

The good thing is that parents are able to help them with these sums, times tables, equations, theories and more. To help your child with as minimal stress as possible, here are some tips from an independent school in Hertfordshire.

Break it down into manageable chunks

Having a mix of manageable questions will give your child a lot more to handle when it comes to maths. Start by following the methods that the question encourages the child to use. Most of the time there’s an equation method that the student will be required to use. Follow these methods step-by-step and ensure that your child understands each part of it to allow them to use it properly the next time it comes up in a piece of homework or a test.

Add little elements of maths into their daily lives

You’d be surprised how many times you need to count something up or divide something throughout your day. Test your child when you see opportunities for this – a good example is when you see offers in the supermarket. Ask them to calculate what 50% of the original price of the item is, and how much they save if they use a buy one get one free offer, or a 3 for 2 offer. These little tests get kids thinking, and they may be able to use it in their daily lives more often.

Practice a little everyday

Reinforcing maths knowledge is the biggest element to keeping on top of what they’re learning. It may sound boring to them, but even 10 minutes a day will keep them on top of what they’re learning and have time to practice their skills.