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How to Raise a Science Lover

by Paul watson

Science is all around us, and children are actively curious, so let’s allow them to explore why science is great! To raise a science lover, here are some top tips from this private nursery in Hertfordshire.

Include science through everyday life

You’d be surprised by how much involves science and what it does to make our world the way it is. Have your child look at the world, see what animals and wildlife they see outside, touch plants and flowers and become one with nature. Show them how TVs or games consoles work, and their other favourite pieces of technology they use often. Make them feel mesmerised by what they’re using and interacting with on a daily basis, and they’ll definitely begin to appreciate a lot more in life.

Watch plenty of sci-fi films or science-related TV programmes

A lot of kids’ shows talk about the greatness of science. Whether it’s looking at an animal programme, or looking at experiments you can make from home, and modern improvements to technology, these shows are designed to teach children all about them. They use simple language and visual demonstrations to make it easy for children to follow and understand.

Sci-fi films are always treasured in society. They can be really fun for children to explore, and they may not be wholly accurate to real life but your child will be much more keen to learn about science because of it.

Feed their curiosity

A lot of a child’s development in general is through being curious. Enable this as much as you can through offering ways to explore the ways of science. Take them to the science museum to see what they want to learn about. Have them explore at the zoo, or take them to a farm experience in the local area. Ask them what makes them interested in the world of science and feed into what they’re keen to explore.