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How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

by Sheri gill

Raising a child to be inquisitive is really important for their understanding of creativity, being open to change, and having the chance to find their own path. Inquisitiveness is naturally in children from the moment they’re born, so it’s even more special when you’re able to nurture that love for creativity and curiosity.

To develop your child’s level of inquisitiveness, here is a guide from a nursery in Buckinghamshire that explores some ways to spark your child’s level of curiosity.

Invest in arts and crafts

A lot of ways to spark creativity is within the arts themselves. It gives children the chance to get stuck into something they want to explore, and will allow them to play around with tools and pieces of art they actually want to use. Use paints, glue, glitter, sequins and tissue paper to get them started. See if there’s any other areas your child wants to explore within arts and crafts that will get them feeling even more creative.

Take them outside for plenty of adventures

A child will only be able to learn from the experiences they’ve had in the past, and the experiences they will have in the future. Take them out for a variety of activities, ways to explore new things, go for walks and make time for your child to explore different hobbies. There’s a range of ways your child can go out, have fun and learn about the importance of being inquisitive.

Encourage open-ended conversations

A child that’s inquisitive is more likely to explore different themes and have fun while they’re doing it, and that can be often motivated by the relationship they have with their parents. If you’re able to talk with your child often, they’re going to be able to feel comfortable exploring new things more often. Explore with your child as well, you may find something that you didn’t know about yourself.