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How to Raise an Optimistic Child

by Paul watson

Our outlook on life affects the way that we go about things, how high we set our aspirations and how forthcoming we are to challenges. For your child to reach their full potential, it’s important that you encourage them to be optimistic and demonstrate yourself as so. A private school in Hammersmith shares more on how you can raise an optimistic child below.

Encourage Them to Try New Things

Trying new things can help your child to be more adventurous. It can be done through anything like the food that they eat or the hobbies that they participate in during their free time. To help them, show your child that you’re willing to do the same and they too will follow suit.

Give Them Freedom to Fail

What’s just as important is creating an environment that lacks negative judgement. If your child is always worried about making mistakes, they will never try and attempt the scarier things that they really want to. Instead, you should teach your child to look at the positive in any situation. If something doesn’t go as planned, encourage them to think about what they’ve learned and any other silver linings.


Praise should be used whenever your child wants to attempt something brave. As their parents, what you say means a great deal to them. By doing so, you will motivate them to try and take that leap of faith. 

Challenge Their Negative Thinking

If your child is scared or reluctant to do something, ask them why and get to the crux of what’s stopping them. By doing so you can help them and potentially take them out of their shell.

Offer a Helping Hand

If there’s a way to ease your child into whatever they want to do, do it. It will help them to be less afraid and slowly do so themselves.