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iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards – Helping parents foster emotional wellbeing in their kids

by Paul Petersen

iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards are a unique type of cards designed to help children achieve emotional wellbeing by leveraging the power of positive affirmations. These cards are based on a unique formula that facilitates growth and learning among kids through play and developing a positive mindset. In a world where a huge number of children are diagnosed with various mental health problems and low self-esteem, it is your responsibility as a parent to invest in your child’s emotional wellbeing by encouraging your children to embrace a positive mindset and turn their inner critic into their inner coach. iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards are designed to help you kickstart your kid’s potential and lead them toward the path of success. The cards have been developed by mums, educators, coaches, and authors who are passionate about children’s emotional wellbeing. iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards utilize a unique formula known as Affirm-Breathe-Connect to instill positive thoughts in children and encourage them to turn their thoughts into action. Besides, they utilize playful and relatable characters, along with a captivating design, making them an ideal tool for kids.

For instance, iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards make use of positive affirmations such as “I am Love,” “I am Smart,” and so forth to instill positive beliefs in children and eliminate negative thought patterns. These cards have proven to be effective in providing deep meaning and purpose as they are based on research-based Adlerian and positive psychology. iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards can be used to inspire reflection in both toddlers and older children. Given that children learn at a rapid pace in their formative years, these cards can play a huge role in helping children develop positive belief systems, values, and confidence.

What does the Affirm-Breath-Connect (ABC) formula mean?

Affirm – This is something your child believes to be true and says it with confidence. Something like, “I am a winner.” These cards get your child to say out such an affirmation with conviction.

Breathe – This part entails having your child close their eyes and breathe in. After that, they’ll stay still and feel their emotions and feelings.

Connect – Once your child experiences their emotions and feelings, this step entails connecting with the affirmation and expressing how they feel.

iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards are versatile, durable, and come in captivating designs. The following are some of the practical ways in which you can use these cards to foster emotional wellbeing in your child.

  • You can read the positive affirmations to your child whilst feeding and during bedtime.
  • You can have your toddler read the affirmations during playtime.
  • You can bring along the cards to trips, playdates, and sleepovers, and have them repeat the affirmations to themselves.

iGROWco Sprouts affirmation cards contain 63 cards in a captivating cotton drawstring bag. Among the 63 cards, there are 7 character cards, 52 affirmations, and 4 instruction cards. These cards are kids-friendly in all ways.

Get these cards today and start the journey of empowering your children.