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Learn Korean In Singapore: 5 Tips For Learning Korean Faster

by David Donnal

Even though South Korea is a small nation in East Asia, it has been taking the world by storm. After all, it has showcased how awesome South Korea’s cultures are through dramas, music, and even films. While not speaking the same language, international audiences do not stop embracing Korean culture. Some even want to learn Korean so they can understand everything without translation.

If you plan to learn Korean in Singapore, here are the things you can do to grasp the language faster.

1. Watch Korean Dramas

Watching Korean dramas allows you to observe how different Korean people pronounce each word. By listening to their pronunciation, you can slowly mimic how they utter the Korean language.

2. Label Your Home In Korean

Another thing that can help you learn Korean is labelling your home. For example, you can place ‘mul tong’ on your water container. With this, you will get a reminder of what it is called in Korean every time you get a glass of water.

3. Use Flashcards

Your tutor from a Korean class will ask you to make and use flashcards. Reading flashcards with Korean words will help you remember each one of them.

4. Write In Korean

Besides memorising each word, you can also learn Korean by writing the words you have learned in Hangul. Knowing how to write it will help you figure out how to use a Korean keyboard.

5. Converse In Korean

Take advantage of your Korean language school by initiating a conversation with your classmates. No matter how clumsy you are pronouncing Korean words, that is okay since conversing in Korean gives you more confidence to speak in Korean.

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