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Looking for a Primary School in Singapore?

by Paul Petersen

Singapore is a thriving metropolis home to many professionals from across the globe. Singapore welcomes families from around the world. No matter where you are from, parents have a universal interest in the success of their children. All families want a school that will respect their children, challenge them toward greatness, and inspires a love of learning and discovery that will hopefully last a lifetime. The hopes and dreams of a parent do not differ much between cultures.

A Quality Education

Choosing a great school is one of the first concerns for a parent of a young child. This is accomplished through a compilation of a few different avenues. Curriculum, the expectation for excellence, quality faculty, and a favourable learning environment converge to create the opportunity for the student to realize their full potential in learning. Together, these elements present the child with facts, figures, data, and information. With that, the student then needs to be instructed how it fits together to develop age-appropriate understanding and wisdom.

Extra-Curricular Options

Here, students will find a challenge and personal fulfilment in participating in programs outside the typical program requirements of Maths, Sciences, History, and Language Arts. Extra-curricular activity options usually take the form of sports, arts, or clubs. Many extremely beneficial learning opportunities can happen through participation in these after-school activities. Extra-curricular programs spur the student on towards a balance of a well-rounded student that will hopefully follow them throughout their life’s journey as they learn patience, endurance, and resilience.

Some students find their future profession through this early exposure to extra-curricular activities. Children often use this opportunity to get out their energy or explore different sides of their identity. It’s not every child who’s going to be the star student. Some children are going to find that their strength lies outside the academic arena. Extra-curricular activities, for these students, are a chance to stand in the spotlight, to do what they do well, and be recognized for it.

Pleasant Experience

Finally, parents want their children to love learning. Parents want their children to get up in the morning with a positive attitude toward their growth and education. No parent wants to experience the daily struggle of a student who has lost sight of the joy of discovery, the pride of success, and the esteem of accomplishment. The overall experience of education has a long-lasting impact on work ethic, attitude, and willingness to continue working hard. The difference between a positive and negative attitude can be a pervasive detriment to the student and ultimately, the entire family.

Now Enrolling

If you expect to relocate to Singapore and you do not yet have an education plan for your primary student, please schedule a tour. You will find all of the expectations that families have regarding educating, challenging, respecting, and supporting students are priorities. If you would like to enrol your child in an international school like The Perse School Singapore, please apply. Enrolment is accepted throughout the year as family situations do not always align within academic years.