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Post Study Career Opportunities in Marbella of a Make-up Artist

by Paul watson

Many of you who are freshly out from the makeup trainings are wandering what to do, what is the next career option for you. We will discuss regarding that. Before starting we have to tell you four uncomfortable truths about this profession, so beautiful and tough at the same time.

  • You are not going to get rich fast, nor are you going to have a life of luxury and glamor in two days just by knowing how to do makeup well. In the well thought-out strategy is the key.
  • You are not going to become an expert in attracting customers in ten minutes; it is a field that requires some practice time. You will have to overcome the impostor syndrome, but do not be confused, we believe in you and we know that you can achieve it despite what that little voice in your head and some family members tell you. Do not listen to them because you can have the life you dream as long as you are willing to pay the price of this dream
  • There are no direct shortcuts, although here we are going to give you tips that will help you reach the goal, more effectively, with my help. We are concerned about the commitment you may have, if you are only looking for the fast track. We do not know if you just want to get to do some “little bumps” to get extra money, or are you really committed to giving everything to get the life you deserve.

That depends on many factors: the path you have already traveled, your ability to learn, the ability to implement what we am going to teach you, the time you are going to spend and we must tell you that the average time it takes to close a business newly created is about three years. If you do it right you are going to be the makeup artist that overcomes these three years but we want you to prepare for the worst because this way you will enjoy much more when you see your flight take off, fly and prosper makeup artist. Now that the prospect of Turism Marbella is expanding, more and more foreigners and tourists are likely to come to this city and you will have a fast hike in your career.

If you do not want to invest anything, you will not like the advice that we are going to present to you. Change the chip now, you are no longer a simple makeup artist you are going to become an entrepreneur of professional makeup and you have to invest in your business yes or yes.

The keys to being a successful makeup artist are:

  • Work on yourself to build confidence in your skills, value your work. Feel comfortable with the sale. Focus on the sale and only on the sale.
  • Define your ideal client.
  • Don’t let your briefcase be a trickle of money.
  • Give a premium service.
  • Be consistent with your rates.
  • Have an attractive portfolio and work on your personal brand.
  • Show it on your website. Have a worked on me.
  • If you have a blog, start creating content marketing for Google to find you.
  • Start creating face-to-face events.

Be active in Social Networks, people like to see what you are doing day by day and this we leave for the last because for me it is the least important. The main thing is that you focus on selling your services, not get distracted by the photos.