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SCAD Shares How to Stretch Your Dollar as a College Student

by Rogers Gislason

While SCAD tuition has always been a component of the total cost of a bachelor’s degree, it is not the only financial factor in selecting the right university. Housing, meal options, transportation, and more should be factors when setting your budget before the fall term begins. Here are some tips on how to make sure your dream of a college education isn’t hindered by financial worries.

Choosing the right city:

Determining the right place to study is as critical as the major you are entering. The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in America, where creative, entrepreneurial students live and study among architectural and natural beauty.

Spanish moss hangs from the trees that line the 22 squares throughout Savannah, creating picturesque Instagram backdrops and perfect spots to study, sketch, write, dream, or share a picnic. Horse-drawn carriages escort visitors and history buffs through the cobblestone streets, highlighting the nearly 300-year history of the town. The downtown is bustling and new restaurants are continually popping up to the delight of foodies.

With all that is happening, it is no wonder that Savannah is continually ranked among the best cities in America in which to live! Along with the historical beauty of the city, it has a low cost of living. Savannah is ranked in the top 100 affordable cities to live in ­— perfect for a student on a budget.


With abundant options both on and off campus, SCAD students have the ability to choose the best accommodations for their lifestyle. Downtown Savannah is home to beautiful historic buildings and modern apartment complexes. The Hive boasts state-of-the-art living, fitness, and dining facilities and has easy access to all SCAD buildings and studios. Roommates are easy to find in the city as well! SCAD students have countless opportunities to live with their friends or make new ones, all while living on their own budget.


SCAD understands the importance of convenience for students today. That is why the university has implemented several solutions to help their “Bees” buzz around. The university has a free bike share program, allowing quick and environmentally friendly travel to and from SCAD department buildings, housing, and the parks and restaurants that surround the city. The school also has an easy to use bus system that is free to students and faculty. Quickly shuttling everyone around town, free of the worries of finding parking in a bustling city, and always arriving on time for class.


Buying or renting used textbooks will save any student money. Searching and shopping for new books can be a little stressful when you see the sticker price, but used books provide an excellent option for students who are conscious of their finances. Renting books is also a great option since textbooks are often being updated and new editions routinely entering the classroom. If you do not see yourself keeping a textbook well into the future, do yourself and your wallet some good by avoiding buying new.


Cooking for yourself and your roommates is easy, fun, and will cut down on your food spending. For students who cook meals with their roommates and share the cost of ingredients, dining costs can be relatively marginalized. If you do eat out, look for coupons, deals, or ways to stretch your dollar as far as you can. SCAD also offers excellent meal plans and campus dining options to help students eat healthy and stay on budget throughout the year.



Late nights or early mornings, we all love a cup of joe! But buying a cup every morning will cost a pretty penny over time. Students should consider investing in a coffee maker for their rooms and kitchens. It costs roughly 51 cents to make a single cup–adding up to an additional $550 per year in savings for your bank account.

College is an incredibly important and meaningful part of a young adult’s life. Make sure you take into account the ways you can ensure a positive experience, free of the worries of financial burdens, before you embark on the opportunity of a lifetime.

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