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The Benefits of Drama Lessons for Children

by Tereso sobo

Drama is a lesson that’s taught in a variety of schools that can teach children heaps about the world, what skills they may be unlocking, and how they can boost their confidence. Drama lessons also discuss other areas in popular media, such as production for a big TV programme, or how a theatre production is set up for an audience. There are many strands to drama and performing arts that your child will gain skills in through regular lessons.

In this guide from a private nursery in Cobham, we take a look at the benefits drama lessons bring to children in schools.

Improved confidence

With acting and theatre performance comes the improved confidence you get from taking part in drama lessons. A lot of these lessons rely on your child’s ability to speak clearly and loudly in front of others, which will give them a lot of self-esteem as they continue to practice. Confidence is often related to how a child does with regards to their social skills, their teamwork skills and being able to rely on others.

Allows children to explore different interests

There are a lot of areas of drama that children can explore. From theatre productions, to musicals and full scaled programmes and films. It’s actually a part of media – an umbrella term that refers to lots of different areas your child can easily explore. It’s not all about the most traditional methods you commonly think about when it comes to drama, either. Your child may be interested in what goes on behind the scenes, like makeup, pre-production, planning and art production.

Gives your child awareness of struggles within the world

A lot of dramas, programmes, theatre productions and musicals have a theme that is represented often within the production. It will give children a lot of awareness with regards to their understanding of common struggles, issues that have arisen in the past and key moments in history. Children are made more aware and they are broadening their horizons as a result.