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The Most Important PCM Topics to Ace JEE Main

by Rogers Gislason
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One of the toughest tests in the nation is the JEE Main. The JEE Main exam attracts around 1.2 million applicants annually. If you want to enrol in an IIT, you must earn a high JEE Advanced rank; if you pass JEE Main, you will be qualified. On the other hand, if you get a decent JEE Main score and don’t want to take the JEE Advanced exam, you can enrol in one of the NITs, IIITs, or CFTIs. This is because they are also top universities. However, you will almost certainly need to take the JEE Main exam if you wish to enrol in one of the esteemed government-funded engineering schools.

The most significant physics, chemistry, and math topics from a JEE Main standpoint will be covered in this article.


Some topics carry a little more weight than others. Therefore, you need to concentrate more on these topics. Such topics include:

  • Electrostatics: Generally, this topic receives significantly more questions in the JEE Main than any other topic.
  • Current Electricity: This chapter can be used to create questions of varying degrees of complexity.
  • Rotational Mechanics: This topic appears in at least one JEE Main and JEE Advanced question almost yearly.
  • Atoms and Nuclei: JEE The main questions on this subject are common. In addition, since this subject is relatively simple, answering its questions is straightforward.
  • Oscillations and Waves: This subject contains numerous formulas.


Physical, organic, and inorganic chemistry are roughly equally weighted in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Therefore, if you want to achieve a high overall score in chemistry, you must thoroughly study all three subdomains.

  • Chemical Bonding: This topic is critical, and a solid understanding of it can help you understand many concepts in other topics.
  • Every year without fail, a question from the chemical and ionic equilibrium field is asked in both the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams.
  • Coordination compounds are a crucial topic about which inquiries are made virtually annually.
  • Physics and chemistry both cover the subject of heat and thermodynamics.
  • Biomolecules and polymers: This subject nearly exclusively calls for memory use.


It’s crucial to have a solid understanding of all the concepts and to have practised answering many problems if you wish to perform well in the JEE Main mathematics exam. However, there are some themes that the paper-setters can’t spare, even though the questions can come from any exam topic. Such topics include:

  • This extensive yet relatively simple JEE mathematics course is called coordinate geometry. Although the fundamentals may be used to deduce all the formulas in this topic readily, it is nevertheless crucial that you know the formulas thoroughly to save time on the exam.
  • Integration and Differentiation: Both JEE Main and JEE Advanced always have at least one question from one of these areas each year without fail.
  • Probability, permutations, and combinations are among mathematics’s most perplexing concepts.
  • Trigonometry is a very simple mathematical subject. It has many formulas and is typically easy to score on the test.