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Tips to Improve Your Child’s Preparation for PSLE

by Paul watson

The Primary School Leaving Examination held annually that is given by the candidates at the end of the final year to get into secondary school education. PSLE is one of the crucial examinations, and it becomes more stressful for both parents and children who are appearing for the exam. But one of the scariest and a bit of nightmare subject turns out to be a maths exam. We are here to help your child with tips to score high grades in psle maths and others as well. So, your child needs to invest their time smartly in all the subjects rather than focusing only on one. Here is the list of quick tips your child can follow and outshine in his/her PSLE examination. 

  • Practice and Practice: 

The practice is one of the fundamental solutions towards achieving a good score in any exam. With the exam dates at your hand, you need to make sure that your child is focusing on areas that are more important and will make a difference. If exam dates are very near, focus on what your child knows rather than new learning. And focus on strong points will increase his/her confidence. Try to identify the common mistakes that your child makes every time while solving psle math problems. It will help you to help them in correcting those minor mistakes. 

  • Learn How To Manage Time: 

You can make your child practice previous year examination question papers and sample papers. It will help your child to get an idea about the exam pattern and syllabus. You can also set a timer which will help your child to manage questions efficiently. If you do not make your child adapt to these practices, then he will not be able to attempt all the questions even though he might be knowing all the answers. Students often spend a lot of time in the beginning stages of the paper. As a result, they are unable to progress further. 

  • Take Rest

Taking enough sleep is essential for your child. Sleeping is equally necessary as it is connected to our learning process. With a sufficient amount of sleep, the concentration and retaining level capacity increase. 

  • Provide Your Support

Your child is already under stress and may not be able to remember things because of it. It is essential as a parent to cheer them up and keep their tension away and allowing them to learn as per their capacity. You can take your child out for a movie as a reward of performing the revision practice well, which will make your child happy, relaxed, and motivation to practice more to get such rewards.