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Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

by Rogers Gislason

Learning a new language is a rewarding experience that children can develop their skills in quickly and to be used in many ways. It also gives children a new distraction, a new interest and a range of transferable skills, and can give kids a new lease on life. To help your child learn a new language, here are some top tips you can use that this prep school in North London recommends.

Try out apps and games

Keeping children entertained makes for a better learning experience. Thankfully there are many apps and games catered to children to help support language learning at various stages. Apps can be easily accessed at any time of the day, and you can work together on questions and mini tests from your smartphone or tablet. Gamifying a learning experience always encourages children to try something new.

Include a variety of media in their lives

Listening to songs, watching TV programmes and reading books in the language will get children to understand how the language looks, feels and sounds to others. The more they’re able to get to grips with the language they’re learning, the better their experience of picking up new words and vocabulary. Even casual exposure to the language will stick in their mind the next time they’re having a language lesson.

Learn some of the language for yourself

Having someone to work with on language development throughout your learning process is probably one of the most valuable tips. A child that can work with another person on a regular basis will be able to learn the language much faster and they get to explore different words, synonyms, and other conversation pieces. 

In learning the same language you also get a lot of new learning skills you can develop alongside your child. Your child will feel more motivated to explore the language if you’re picking it up at the same time.