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Top Tips for Supporting Your Child During Exam Period

by David Donnal

As the school year approaches an end, your child may be prepping for their end of year tests or exams. While their school will do their best to support students, the rest lies with them and how adequately they prepare. This can be mentally gruelling and there are ways that you can help. An independent school in Cardiff shares their top tips for supporting children during an exam period below.

Mindfulness Strategies

Mindfulness is a way of recentring your focus which can be hard during stressful times. The techniques do this by getting you to focus on elements of the present moment like what you can see, smell, taste, hear and touch.

Revision Timetable 

A revision timetable can help your child to break down their work into manageable chunks. They can allocate however much time they’d like to spend working on particular subjects to their calendar. This should be realistic as overestimating can lead to masses of content being left to cover or burn out before their exams. The earlier that they start their revision, the lesser the burden will be to shoulder.

Set Up a Study Zone

It’s important that your child has a good study environment. Distractions like devices and noise can affect concentration and prevent them getting their work done. If you have space for a study room in your house, create one that is away from the main part and free from devices etc that can lead to procrastination.

Eat, Sleep, Study and Repeat

A healthy routine is vital for exam success. What your child eats will in effect influence how much studying they get done as it contributes to their mood. The same goes for sleep. Depending on their age, your child should aim for 8 hours of sleep a night to be well rested for a day of learning.