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Why should medical students go for MBBS abroad?

by David Donnal

India is a developing country with a huge demand for professionals like lawyers, doctors, etc. However, because of the country’s immense population, getting so many practitioners is a continuous struggle we as a country face. Yes, we agree that millions of students aspire to be medical practitioners and serve the country. Still, again, the high population growth is an issue that hinders this accomplishment. Therefore, it is best recommended for Indian students to pursue their MBBS abroad. Want to know why you should even follow the suite, then keep reading. 

  • The easy enrolment in the Universities abroad – Though India has an incredible number of colleges and universities incredibly dedicated to medical students, the demand for it is on the rise. Each year, lakhs of students pass their NEET exams and wait for admission to these institutions. However, in the countries abroad, the number of Universities, college, and medical institutions are higher, whereas the number of students is comparatively low. They open up spaces for international students to enrol in their institutions. This leads to an easy admission for the Indian students aspiring to continue MBBS abroad. 
  • Low and affordable cost of studies –Even if we count the cost of accommodations and studies in countries abroad, they are way lower than getting an admission to a private medical college in India. Furthermore, you also get lots of scholarship opportunities in these countries for the deserving students, which reduces the cost of study even more. Then there are also part-time job opportunities, especially for the university students abroad, that also aid the students in managing their extra expenses. The cost of living and medical education is considered very convenient and affordable in other countries than in India. 
  • Easy and Swift enrolment process – Even the most deserving students in India have to go through various stages and pass numerous tests before being given a medical institute seat. (Due to the high demand and multiple applications from the students.) Applying for the same seat in an international college is a more straightforward and quicker process for the same student. 
  • The high education technique and better staff – Most medical colleges and universities abroad hire internationally recognised staff and professors to teach the students. They even have the best and latest, upgraded laboratories and equipment that also aids in gaining better knowledge of the field for the students in these countries. 
  • The demand for internationally studied doctors –when a student completes MBBS abroad, the need for this doctor rises not just in India but also in other countries. Especially if you prefer countries known for the best medical education like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc., this leads to better job opportunities in India with better payment options and open options for setting down in other international countries. 

If a medical student considers studying abroad and gets an MBBS degree, the entire procedure becomes swifter and more affordable for the aspirant. And with the bright future this student has, they will never regret this decision in the future.